Pregnancy Test Strips - self Test - Deep Blue Box of 5

Buy ultra early pregnancy test strips online at OdemShop. Our home pregnancy test from Deepblue in strip form is a reliable way to test for pregnancy.

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Product information "Pregnancy Test Strips - self Test - Deep Blue Box of 5"

Pregnancy Test Strips - Self Test - Deepblue

Deep Blue Pregnancy Test Strips are engineered for accuracy, providing medical professionals and expectant mothers with a swift and trustworthy method to detect early signs of pregnancy. The simplicity of the product ensures a stress-free testing experience, meeting the needs for both clinical and domestic use.

Consider the scenario of a busy medical practice, where timely and accurate diagnostic tools are crucial. Deep Blue Pregnancy Test Strips provide healthcare professionals the ability to quickly assess and respond to a patient's condition, ensuring both efficiency and quality patient care.

Concluding, Deep Blue Pregnancy Test Strips are a vital component in the toolkit of modern healthcare practitioners, reflecting Odem's dedication to offering cost-effective, high-quality healthcare solutions, particularly within the European Union's stringent healthcare standards.

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Product Specifications

  • Brand: Deep Blue
  • Type: Pregnancy Test Strips
  • Application: Self-testing for early pregnancy detection - Home use
  • Sensitivity: Advanced for HCG hormone detection
  • Results: Obtain results within minutes
  • Compliance: Meets EU Standard regulations
  • Package: Available in a 5-pack


  • Advanced Sensitivity: Detects early pregnancy with high precision
  • Fast and Clear Results: Quick reading without ambiguity
  • Ease of Use: Simple instructions for stress-free testing
  • EU Compliant: Adherence to CE certifications ensures reliability and safety


Technical Data - Pregnancy Test Strips - early pregnancy tests - Self Test

  • HCG Detection: Ultra-sensitive, capable of detecting low levels of the hormone
  • Usage: Designed for easy application of urine sample
  • Result Interpretation: Clear and straightforward with distinct dual lines for positive or negative results
  • Certifications: CE certified, adhering to strict EU standards
  • Carton Quantity: 2500 pieces
  • Package: Available in a 5-pack

FAQs About Home Pregnancy Test Strips

What are the Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips?

The Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips are test strips used at home to determine if you are pregnant or not. The test strip detects the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in urine, which is released by the placenta after the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. The test strip is easy to use and provides a quick result within minutes.

How do the Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips work?

The Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips are easy to use. You simply hold the test strip under the urine stream or dip it into a urine sample and wait a few minutes for the result to appear. The test strip has two lines, a control line, and a test line. If both lines are visible, it means you are pregnant. If only the control line is visible, you are not pregnant. If no line is visible, the test is invalid and should be repeated.

Why choose the Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips?

There are many different types of pregnancy tests on the market, including midstream tests and test strips. The Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips are a test strip and have several advantages over midstream tests. First, the test strip is more hygienic as it does not come into direct contact with the urine stream. Second, the Deepblue ultra early pregnancy test strips are more accurate than many midstream tests as they provide a reliable result early in pregnancy.

How safe are the Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips?

The Deepblue Pregnancy Test Strips are very safe and reliable. The test has an accuracy of over 99 percent when used correctly. However, it is important to strictly follow the instructions to obtain a correct result.

Can I trust the accuracy of the Odem True Blue Pregnancy Test?

Absolutely, the Odem True Blue Pregnancy Test is designed to provide reliable and accurate results. It is sensitive to the necessary hormone levels to detect pregnancy early on. We take pride in our product's conformity to EU standards, including CE certifications, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of medical professionals across Europe.

Are false positives a common issue with the Odem True Blue Pregnancy Test?

False positives are exceptionally rare with the Odem True Blue Pregnancy Test. Our tests are designed to minimize user error and provide clear instructions to ensure results are interpreted correctly. However, for absolute certainty, we recommend a clinical confirmation, as it aligns with best medical practices.

How can I ensure the most accurate results when using the Odem True Blue Pregnancy Test?

For optimal accuracy, it's important to follow the test instructions carefully. The timing of the test is also key – using it too early or too late can affect the results. If there's any doubt, a second test or a professional medical evaluation is advisable to confirm the results.

Can I take the Deepblue pregnancy test strips at any time?

Yes, you can take the test at any time, but it is best to do it in the morning as urine is typically more concentrated, and the result may be more accurate.

How long do I have to wait for the result?

The result usually appears within 3-5 minutes after taking the test.

Can I take the test more than once?

Yes, you can take the test more than once if you want to confirm or ensure the result.

How can I ensure that I take the home pregnancy test strips correctly?

It is important to carefully read the instructions and follow the steps precisely. If you are unsure, you can also consult a doctor for advice.

What is the accuracy of the Deepblue home pregnancy test strips?

The test has an accuracy of more than 99 percent when applied correctly.

How should I store the home pregnancy test strips?

The Deepblue pregnancy test strips should be stored in the original packaging, cool, and dry. Since this can affect the result, it is important not to expose the test to direct sunlight or moisture. The test should only be used until the expiration date indicated on the packaging.

What makes the Odem True Blue Pregnancy Test stand out in the EU market?

Odem is committed to innovation and affordability, and the True Blue Pregnancy Test is a prime example of this. Our tests are not only accurate but also cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for healthcare facilities aiming to provide high-quality care while managing budgets effectively. Odem's vision of creating an accessible healthcare system is embodied in every product we offer.

How early can the ultra early pregnancy test strips detect a pregnancy?

The ultra early pregnancy test strips are designed for early detection, with a sensitivity of 10 MIU. This allows them to detect pregnancy as early as a few days after conception, providing accurate results even before your period is due.

Are the ultra early pregnancy test strips suitable for home use, and how accurate are they?

Yes, the ultra early pregnancy test strips are specifically designed for home use, providing couples trying to conceive with a cost-effective and reliable option. With a sensitivity of 10 MIU and accuracy from the day your period is due, these tests offer accurate results for couples planning to start a family.

How is the ultra early pregnancy strip pack delivered, and what is the money-back promise?

The ultra early pregnancy test strips are individually foil-wrapped for hygiene and longer life. The pack, available in a 10-pack size, offers fast delivery from Dublin. The product qualifies for a money-back promise, ensuring customer satisfaction. For added convenience, customers also receive email tracking updates and can expect a discreet parcel on delivery.

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