Surgical Mask Disposable Medical Mask TypeIIR with CE Odem Voinmed Color: Blue

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Product information "Surgical Mask Disposable Medical Mask TypeIIR with CE Odem Voinmed Color: Blue"

Surgical 3Ply Disposable Face Mask Type IIR 

Discover professional-level protection with Odem Voinmed's Type IIR Disposable Surgical Masks to buy. Crafted to meet the rigorous health and safety demands of the medical industry, these CE-certified disposable respirator masks provide exceptional bacterial filtration and splash resistance for healthcare workers and patients alike.

Immerse yourself in a world where safety and comfort coincide. Wear a mask that equips you with the highest level of protection. Choose thebest disposable face masks of 2023 - Odem Voinmed Type IIR for your medical or personal needs and experience the perfect blend of reliability and comfort.

In a healthcare setting where every second counts, this mask is a game-changer. From a physician's precise movements between patients to the hustle of a full-day shift, the lightweight design and fluid-resistant properties ensure enduring protection.


Product Specifications - Surgical 3Ply Disposable Face Mask Mask Type IIR

  • European Standard: Conforms to EN 14683 + AC:2019
  • Protection Class: Type IIR
  • Certification: CE Marked
  • Splash Resistance: Yes, offers protection against fluid exposure
  • Packaging: 50 masks per plastic package
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: High
  • Breathability: Designed for comfortable, prolonged wear


  • Optimal Protection: Three-layer fabric construction shields against airborne particles and liquid splashes effectively.
  • Comfortable Design: Soft ear loops for a secure and comfortable fit, minimizing adjustments during use.
  • Medical-Grade: Suitable for healthcare environments and meets the requirements for medical use.
  • Cost-Effective: Odem provides high-quality masks at wholesale prices.
  • Guarantee: 14-day money-back guarantee for complete satisfaction

Technical Data

  • Packaging: 50 masks per plastic package
  • Box Size: 180 x 100 x 80 mm
  • Carton Quantity: 2400 masks
  • Carton Size: 50 x 37 x 34 cm
  • Carton Weight: 7.9 kg
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 13485:2016

Frequently Asked Questions about Voinmed's Best Disposable Face Mask

What Is a Type IIR Surgical Disposable Mask?

A Type IIR surgical mask is a high-quality medical device designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior levels of protection. These masks are rigorously tested to ensure they exceed the >98% bacterial filtration efficiency required by EU standards. With a focus on comfort, these masks also offer excellent breathability, making them suitable for long shifts in a medical setting.

How does the Type IIR Surgical Mask align with EU regulations?

Our Type IIR Surgical Mask not only meets but often surpasses the stringent requirements set by the EU. Each mask comes with a CE certification, guaranteeing that it complies with the necessary health, safety, and environmental protection standards. This assures medical professionals that they are using a product that is both safe and of the highest quality.

What features do Odem's Type IIR Surgical Masks have?

Odem's Type IIR Surgical Masks are thoughtfully designed with the user in mind. They come with various earloop designs to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, multiple packaging options for ease of use, and a range of color variations to suit different preferences. Additionally, our cloth masks are hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions for users with sensitive skin.

How does Odem ensure affordability without compromising on quality?

At Odem, we are committed to making healthcare more accessible by providing cost-effective solutions without cutting corners. Our Type IIR Surgical Masks embody this commitment, offering affordable options without compromising the high quality and innovation that healthcare professionals expect. By streamlining our production and distribution processes, we keep costs low while delivering premium products.

In what ways is Odem shaping a more accessible healthcare system?

Odem is at the forefront of creating a more accessible healthcare system by supplying medical professionals with high-quality, affordable medical supplies. Our Type IIR Surgical Masks are a prime example of our dedication to customer-centricity. We continuously seek innovative solutions to ensure that all healthcare workers have access to the necessary protective equipment to perform their jobs effectively and safely.

What Are the Different Types of Face Masks?

Face masks vary greatly to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals across the EU. Odem offers a range of masks, including surgical masks, FFP2, and FFP3 respirators, each designed to provide different levels of protection. Our masks are constructed with materials that balance filtration efficiency and breathing comfort, ensuring they meet or exceed EU standards, including CE certification.

To ensure a proper fit, which is critical for minimizing contamination risks, Odem masks feature an ergonomic earloop design and a malleable nose bridge. This design consideration is a testament to our commitment to providing healthcare professionals with masks that are not only effective but also comfortable to wear for extended periods.

What Is a Fluid-Resistant Face Mask?

A fluid-resistant face mask is a critical piece of personal protective equipment designed to safeguard healthcare professionals against potential exposure to infectious fluids capable of carrying covid-19. These masks are rigorously tested to meet European Union standards, ensuring they provide a high level of protection against splashes and aerosols. They are engineered using advanced synthetic materials to offer a balance of splash resistance, sterility, and breathability, making them suitable for a variety of medical settings.

Is 3 Ply Mask a Surgical Mask?

Absolutely, our Odem 3 Ply Mask is designed to be a high-quality best disposable masks, which is essential for medical professionals across the EU. With its three layers of protection, it offers excellent bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and breathability, which are crucial for maintaining a sterile environment. The comfortable earloop design ensures a secure fit that conforms to a wide range of face shapes and sizes, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

What are Type IIR disposable protective face face masks?

Type IIR disposable protective face masks are medical masks specifically designed for use in the operating room. They provide high protection against the penetration of fluids and aerosols.

What is the DIN EN 14683:2019 standard?

The DIN EN 14683:2019 is a European standard for medical face masks. It defines the requirements for masks used for medical purposes, including filtration performance, breathability, and barrier function against bacteria and viruses.

Are your Type IIR disposable face masks CE certified?

Yes, our Type IIR disposable surgical face masks are CE certified and comply with European standards for medical face masks.

How many Type IIR disposable face masks are included in a pack?

Our Type IIR disposable face masks are available in packs of 50.

How long can Type IIR disposable protective face face masks be worn?

Our Type IIR disposable face masks can be worn for up to 4 hours and should be properly disposed of thereafter. You should always wear a new mask if you want to remove and reuse it.

Where can I buy your Type IIR disposable face masks?

Our Type IIR disposable face masks are available online on our website and in selected pharmacies. We also offer fast delivery to ensure that you receive your masks quickly and conveniently. You can check odem's disposable face masks to buy.

Can I use your Type IIR disposable respirator - masks for daily use?

Yes, our Type IIR surgical-style masks provide high protection against bacteria and viruses and are therefore also suitable for daily use.

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