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Product information "Getein Monkeypox Rapid Test"

Monkeypox Antigen Rapid Test Kit

The Getein Monkeypox Rapid Test is a critical innovation for healthcare providers, delivering rapid and accurate detection of the Monkeypox virus. Odem introduces this essential diagnostic tool, combining cutting-edge technology with cost-effectiveness to address global health concerns.

In summary, the Getein Monkeypox Rapid Test is an essential asset for healthcare professionals in diagnosing Monkeypox efficiently. Odem is committed to providing dependable and accessible medical technology to combat health threats today and in the future.


Product Specifications

  • Kit Contents: 25 test cassettes, sterile swabs, extraction tubes, and a user manual
  • Packaging: Kits are supplied in packs of 25, with each carton holding 600 pieces
  • Storage: Can be stored at room temperature or 4-35°C for up to 12 months
  • Application: Professional use only


  • Rapid Results: Provides results promptly, crucial for efficient patient management
  • Ease of Use: Simple instructions and no additional equipment required for test administration
  • High Accuracy: Conforms to EU standards for specificity and sensitivity
  • Portability: Can be conveniently used in various settings, ensuring flexibility in testing
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Assured customer satisfaction with a 14-day return policy

Technical Data - Monkeypox antigen rapid test kit

  • Sensitivity: High sensitivity for detecting Monkeypox virus antigens
  • Specificity: Designed to specifically identify Monkeypox virus without cross-reacting
  • Certification: CE-certified for use in the European market
  • Test Result Time: Results are available within 10-15 minutes
  • Method: The test uses immunochromatography with a colloidal gold method

Frequently Asked Questions about the Monkeypox Antigen Rapid Test Kit

How much does Getein's monkeypox rapid test cost?

The price of Getein Monkeypox Rapid Test may vary depending on where you buy it and the market situation. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer or authorized distributors for the most accurate pricing.

Is Getein's detection of monkeypox test available worldwide or only in certain countries?

The availability of Getein's Monkeypox Rapid Test may vary depending on regulations and distribution policies in different regions. It is recommended to check with the appropriate health authorities or directly with the manufacturer.

How does the rapid antigen test for Monkeypox stand out from antibody tests, and what makes early antigen detection crucial?

In comparison to antibody tests, this rapid test detects Monkeypox antigens directly, offering early and essential evidence of the virus for timely intervention.

What symptoms of Monkeypox does the antigen detection test help identify, and why is early diagnosis significant?

The test aids in identifying symptoms such as skin lesions, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, and low energy, underlining its significance in early Monkeypox diagnosis.

Can this Antigen Detection Kit be employed for professional diagnostic purposes, and what level of reliability does it offer?

Yes, designed for professional use, this kit ensures reliable results. It utilizes a lateral flow immunoassay with colloidal gold immunochromatography for accuracy in diagnosis.

How does immunochromatography contribute to the Monkeypox Antigen Detection Kit's effectiveness, and why is colloidal gold chosen as the method?

Immunochromatography, utilizing colloidal gold immunochromatography, employs monoclonal antibodies for specific Monkeypox antigen detection, ensuring sensitivity and specificity.

Is Monkeypox considered a zoonotic disease, and how does this rapid test assist in diagnosing cases in non-endemic regions?

Monkeypox being zoonotic, the rapid test aids in diagnosis even in non-endemic areas, providing a valuable tool for early detection and containment.

Why is the Monkeypox Antigen Detection Kit crucial in regions where orthopoxviruses are prevalent?

In areas with common orthopoxviruses, the kit is vital for accurate Monkeypox diagnosis, distinguishing it from related viruses for effective management.

In what ways does the Monkeypox Antigen Detection Kit contribute to broader disease control efforts, echoing past initiatives like smallpox eradication?

By detecting Monkeypox virus accurately, this kit plays a role in controlling and eradicating the disease, aligning with historical efforts such as smallpox eradication.

Can the Antigen Detection Kit differentiate between Monkeypox and other viruses, like COVID-19?

Yes, the kit is specific to Monkeypox antigens, avoiding cross-reactivity with viruses such as COVID-19, ensuring precise and reliable results.

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