Hecin HC1600 SARS-CoV-2 - Nucleic Acid Test Kit

Buy Hecin HC1600 SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Test Kit, a diagnostic test for COVID-19 that uses nucleic acid amplification. Detect types of COVID-19 tests.

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Product information "Hecin HC1600 SARS-CoV-2 - Nucleic Acid Test Kit"

Hecin HC1600 SARS-CoV-2 - Covid-19 - Nucleic Acid Test Kit - A Revolutionary Tool for COVID-19 test

The Hecin HC1600 SARS-CoV-2 - Covid-19 - Nucleic Acid Test Kit represents a leap forward in the fight against COVID-19, providing rapid and precise detection for healthcare settings. Its innovative design ensures reliable results, making it indispensable for clinicians and healthcare providers aiming for excellence in patient care.

In a use case scenario, imagine a high-volume testing center during a spike in COVID-19 cases. The Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid Test allows healthcare professionals to conduct efficient and high-volume testing without concern for accuracy, storage issues, or complicated procedures.

The Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid Test is more than just a product; it's a commitment to better healthcare outcomes, exemplifying Odem's dedication to quality and innovation in medical diagnostics.


Product Specifications - The Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid Test provides

  • Dual-target detection of ORF1ab and N genes, enhancing the accuracy and reducing false negatives.
  • A unique dropper bottle design that minimizes contamination and simplifies the testing process.
  • Stability at room temperature, thanks to the lyophilized PCR mix, for ease of storage and transport.
  • A capacity for high-throughput screening, with each kit able to conduct 96 tests, facilitating large-scale operations and preparedness for emerging variants such as Omicron.
  • Kit Contents: 96 tests per kit, lyophilized PCR mix, positive and negative controls, and paraffin oil


  • Highly sensitive and specific, ensuring dependable results in just 15 minutes.
  • Point-of-Care suitable, with no pipette required, facilitating flexibility in testing locations.
  • Efficient detection of not only SARS-CoV-2 but also other viruses, such as monkeypox, maximizing the utility of the test kit.
  • Easy maintenance and robust performance, even in demanding healthcare environments.

Technical Data - Hecin HC1600 SARS-CoV-2 - Covid-19 - Nucleic Acid Test Kit

  • Type of Test: Qualitative PCR-based nucleic acid test
  • Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs
  • Storage Conditions: Stable between -25°C and 8°C
  • Kit Contents: 96 tests per kit, lyophilized PCR mix, positive and negative controls, and paraffin oil
  • Certification: CE marked, ensuring compliance with European quality standards

FAQs About the Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid PCR Test Kit Detection

What is the Hecin HC1600 nucleic acid PCR test kit?

The Hecin HC1600 nucleic acid PCR test kit is a diagnostic test used to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 viruses in patient samples. The test uses PCR technology and has high sensitivity and specificity.

How is the Hecin nucleic acid test performed?

The test is performed by taking a sample from a patient using an oral or nasal swab. The nucleic acid in the sample is extracted and then dissolved with the PCR reagent. The PCR reagent contains the specific primers that detect the virus, and amplification occurs. The result is then evaluated.

How long does it take to get a result?

The result of the test is typically available within 2 hours.

How safe is the Hecin HC1600 nucleic acid PCR test kit?

The test has high sensitivity and specificity and is therefore very safe. However, it is important that the test is performed correctly and that the manufacturer's instructions are followed.

How long can the Hecin HC1600 nucleic acid PCR test kit be stored?

The test kit can be stored at a temperature between -25 and 8 °C for 18 months.

Are special skills required to perform the test?

Yes, special skills and knowledge are required to perform the test. The test should be performed by medical professionals who have the necessary training and experience.

Can the Hecin HC1600 nucleic acid test/PCR test kit be used for other viruses?

No, the test is specifically designed to detect the 2019-nCoV virus and should not be used for other viruses.

Can the Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid PCR Test Kit be utilized for self-testing at home by individuals without medical expertise?

The Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid PCR Test Kit is specifically designed for use by healthcare professionals due to the technical nature of sample collection and analysis. It is not suitable for at-home testing by individuals without medical training. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of test results, in line with EU regulations. Our commitment at Odem is to provide high-quality, affordable medical supplies that empower professionals to deliver the best care. By ensuring our products are used by trained personnel, we maintain the highest standards of safety and efficacy, reflecting our dedication to innovation and customer-centric healthcare solutions.

Are There Any Known Environmental Factors That Can Affect the Accuracy of the Hecin HC1600 Test Results?

Absolutely, medical professionals should be aware that maintaining the integrity of test results from the Hecin HC1600 is paramount. To ensure accuracy, it's essential to keep samples in controlled environments. Temperature should be within recommended ranges, typically between 2 and 30 degrees Celsius, and humidity levels should be monitored to prevent any degradation of reagents or samples. Additionally, exposure to contaminants should be minimized.

At Odem, we understand that attention to detail is critical in healthcare settings, which is why the Hecin HC1600 is designed with these considerations in mind, aligning with EU standards for medical devices. Our commitment to quality and affordability means that we provide you with products that not only meet stringent CE certifications but also fit your budget without compromising performance.

Can the Test Components of the Hecin HC1600 Kit Be Recycled or Repurposed After Use to Minimize Environmental Impact?

At Odem, we are deeply committed to sustainability and understand the importance of environmental responsibility. The Hecin HC1600 Kit has been designed with recycling in mind. We encourage medical professionals to follow EU guidelines on waste management. Most of the kit components are made from materials that can be recycled through standard healthcare recycling programs once they have been properly decontaminated, if necessary. We also support the use of biodegradable materials and are actively researching ways to incorporate them into future product designs.

Our commitment to quality and affordability does not come at the expense of the environment. We strive to offer products that are not only accessible and innovative but also align with EU standards for a more sustainable healthcare system. Odem is here to support the medical community in finding the balance between exceptional patient care and environmental stewardship.

Is the Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid PCR Test Kit Compatible With Automated PCR Machines, or Does It Require Manual Processing?

The Hecin HC1600 Nucleic Acid PCR Test Kit is designed with versatility in mind, seamlessly integrating with both automated PCR machines and allowing for manual processing if needed. This compatibility ensures that healthcare professionals across the EU can incorporate our kit into their existing workflows without any hassle. By reducing the risk of cross-contamination and offering consistent reagent stability, the kit ensures high-quality results in line with EU standards.

How Does the Hecin HC1600 Test Kit Differentiate Between the COVID-19 Virus and Other Coronaviruses That May Cause the Common Cold?

The Hecin HC1600 Test Kit is designed with precision to differentiate COVID-19 from other coronaviruses responsible for the common cold. This distinction is crucial for accurate diagnosis, and our test kit achieves this through the use of highly specific genetic markers and primers that target unique sequences of the COVID-19 virus. This specificity reduces the chance of cross-reactivity and false positives, ensuring healthcare professionals can rely on its sensitivity and accuracy.

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