Anti Fog Surgical Face Mask Straps I Blue & Pink

Prevent fogging on your glasses with our anti-fog cloth face mask. Reusable, washable, and designed to keep your vision clear. Available in Ireland.

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Product information "Anti Fog Surgical Face Mask Straps I Blue & Pink"

Anti Fog Surgical Face Mask Straps I Blue & Pink

Discover the pinnacle of surgical precision with the Anti Fog Surgical Face Mask Straps in Blue and Pink colors Crafted for medical experts who value clear vision and steadfast protection, these masks provide an impeccable anti-fog solution for professionals like surgeons, dentists, and lab technicians.

Anti-Fog Surgical Masks with straps help maintain a clear line of sight, essential in medical environments where every detail counts. End your search for the best anti-fog solution with our masks, designed to protect and perform when it matters most.


Product Specifications

  • Color:Blue and Pink
  • Attachment: Straps - Ties
  • Compliance: CE certified, adhering to EU standards for medical devices
  • Nosepiece: Long and adjustable for a secure fit
  • Packaging: Dispenser box with 50 masks
  • Other: Fiberglass-free, 3-ply, non-sterile
  • Filtration Efficiency: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) compliant


  • Fog Prevention: Anti-fog technology designed to prevent fogging of glasses during mask wear, suitable for lens and goggles users.
  • Secure Fit: Adjustable straps and contoured nosepiece ensure a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Quality Material: Constructed with high-quality, breathable materials that comply with health standards.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides excellent value, balancing quality with affordability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of medical settings and procedures.


Technical Data - Anti Fog Surgical Face Mask Straps

  • Material: Moisture-repellent fabric
  • Packaging: Dispenser box with 50 masks
  • Anti-fog properties: 48 hours of anti-fog effectiveness
  • Breathability: Designed for extended wear with comfort
  • Type: Type IIR according to EN 14683
  • Compliance: CE certified, adhering to EU standards for medical devices

Frequently Asked Questions about Odem Bandana Comfort Line Disposable Surgical Caps

What are Anti Fog Masks Straps?

Anti Fog Masks are special masks designed to reduce or prevent fogging of goggles or other protective eyewear.

How do Anti Fog masks work?

Anti Fog masks usually have a special coating on the inside that absorbs moisture and prevents goggle fogging.

Who are Anti Fog masks suitable for?

Anti Fog masks are suitable for anyone who wears glasses or goggles and has problems with fogged lenses, for example when wearing a mask.

Are Anti Fog masks safe?

Yes, These masks are safe and meet the same standards as conventional masks.

Can I reuse Anti Fog protection masks?

That depends on the type of Anti Fog masks. Some can be reused, while others are designed to be disposable. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the masks remain safe and effective.

What types of activities is the anti-fog mask suitable for?

Anti-Fog masks are ideal for activities that require good visibility. These include sports such as swimming, diving, and skiing, as well as outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. This is because the anti-fog masks have a lining made of silicone and a material with high density that prevents the mask from fogging. They are also designed to breathe well and offer a comfortable feel.

Does the anti-mist mask protect against viruses and bacteria?

An anti-mist mask can provide an important barrier against viruses and bacteria. Some masks are equipped with a filter that is able to block the particles that contribute to the spread of disease. This filter is able to block viruses and bacteria by filtering the particles in the air that carry the pathogens. Whether or not the mask is equipped with a filter, it also protects against the inhalation of infectious particles by covering the nose and mouth.

How long does the anti-fog mask last?

These Mask is an effective tool to improve visibility without compromising breathing. It is made of a special material that promises a long life. Research has shown that an anti-fog mask can usually remain in use for several months before it needs to be replaced. In general, it can be said that the lifespan depends on the frequency of use and the way it is cleaned.

How often should the anti-fog mask be replaced?

The anti-fog mask should be replaced as soon as it is damaged or dirty. As a general rule, the mask should be replaced every three months to ensure that it is working effectively and safely. Since the mask is exposed to various environmental factors, the frequency of replacement can be increased as needed. If the mask is cleaned regularly, its service life can be extended.

Is there a face mask that won't fog up glasses, suitable for healthcare settings in the EU?

Absolutely, Odem understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals, including the need for a face mask that prevents glasses from fogging during long shifts. Our masks are meticulously designed with a nose seal that contours to your face, and an anti-fog feature that maintains clear vision for those who wear glasses. These masks not only meet but exceed EU standards, ensuring both safety and comfort.

How can I ensure my full-face medical mask remains clear during use?

To maintain clarity and visibility while wearing your full-face medical mask, a proper fit is essential. Odem's masks are designed with adjustable straps to secure a snug fit that conforms to the contours of your face, complying with EU sizing standards. For added prevention against fogging, we recommend using CE-certified anti-fog solutions specifically formulated for medical equipment. Additionally, managing the environment's humidity and temperature can help reduce moisture buildup. Our masks and anti-fog products are developed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, ensuring quality and reliability without compromising on affordability. Odem is committed to innovation in medical supplies, offering you practical solutions that support a clearer vision for patient care.

How can I ensure a clear medical mask remains fog-free during use?

To keep a clear mask from fogging, healthcare professionals like yourself should choose masks that are designed with anti-fog properties. Odem's clear masks are crafted to provide a perfect fit around your face, which is essential in preventing the warm breath from escaping and clouding the mask's transparent section. We also recommend regular cleaning with gentle soap and water, as our masks are made to withstand such maintenance without compromising their anti-fog features.

How Do You Tape a Mask to Prevent Fogging Up?

In the clinical setting, it's important to maintain clear vision, which can be compromised when a mask fogs up your glasses. At Odem, we recommend that healthcare professionals use a mask with a built-in nose bridge that can be molded to fit the contours of your face. This feature is designed to minimize air escape and prevent fogging.

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