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Buy RightSign microalbumin test strip online at OdemShop. The Microalbumin test strip is easy to use and requires no special skills or knowledge.

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Product information "Semiquantitative Microalbumin Rapid Test Strip - Biotest"

Microalbumin Test Strips

Quickly monitor kidney health in the clinical setting with Biotest's Semiquantitative Microalbumin Rapid Test Strip. A non-invasive, efficient tool designed for medical professionals to detect early signs of kidney damage marked by elevated levels of albumin in urine samples.

Incorporate the Biotest Semiquantitative Microalbumin Rapid Test Strip into your medical practice to facilitate proactive patient care and management of kidney health. This product reflects Biotest's commitment to innovation and affordability, empowering healthcare providers in their mission to diagnose and prevent renal disease efficiently.

From the first dip of the strip into the urine sample to the interpretation of the results, trust the semi-quantitative Microalbumin Rapid Test Strip for a harmonious blend of simplicity and precision in renal health diagnostics.


Product Specifications

  • Pack Quantity: 25 test strips per box
  • Usage: Professional use for both clinical and laboratory settings
  • Ease of Use: Simple test procedure delivering fast results
  • Accuracy: Clinically validated for reliable and accurate detection of microalbuminuria
  • Storage: Can be stored between 4 and 35 degrees Celsius
  • Standards: CE-certified, meeting EU directives for in vitro diagnostic medical devices


  • Early Detection: Allows for the prompt identification of kidney dysfunction.
  • Rapid Results: Provides results in a concise time frame, enabling immediate clinical decisions.
  • User-Friendly: Streamlines the testing process, reducing the need for extensive training.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers an affordable option for regular kidney health monitoring.
  • Quality Assurance: Complies with industry standards ensuring trustworthy performance.

Technical Data - Microalbumin Test Strips - Urine Test

  • Type: Semiquantitative Urine Test Strip
  • Test Time: Results within minutes
  • Detection: Microalbuminuria as an early marker of renal damage
  • Pack Quantity: 25 test strips per box - carton 1000 pieces

Frequently Asked Questions about the Microalbumin Test Strips

What is the Microalbumin Test Strip from RightSign?

The Microalbumin Test Strip from RightSign is a tool for healthcare professionals to detect the presence of microalbuminuria. It is used in clinics, medical practices, and laboratories and provides accurate results within minutes.

What Is a Microalbumin and Creatinine Test Strip?

The Microalbumin and Creatinine Test Strip is a diagnostic tool that Odem offers to the EU healthcare market. It facilitates the simultaneous quantification of albumin and creatinine in a patient's urine. This test is essential for healthcare professionals monitoring kidney function, particularly in individuals with conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

What is the significance of testing for microalbuminuria using Clinitek's advanced reagent strips?

Clinitek's advanced reagent strips are valuable in testing for microalbuminuria, aiding in the early detection of kidney disease, particularly in patients with diabetes.

How do these strips provide semi-quantitative results, and why is this important for diagnosing kidney conditions?

These strips offer semi-quantitative results, providing an intensity scale crucial for assessing urinary albumin levels and aiding in the diagnosis of renal dysfunction.

Can these strips be used for patients with diabetes, and how do they contribute to diabetic nephropathy detection?

Yes, these strips are designed for patients with diabetes and play a vital role in detecting early signs of diabetic nephropathy by measuring urinary albumin excretion.

How does the albumin-to-creatinine ratio feature assist in evaluating kidney health?

The albumin-to-creatinine ratio on these strips helps evaluate kidney health by correcting for varying urine concentrations, providing a more accurate assessment of albumin levels.

What concentration range can be read, and why is it relevant in point-of-care testing?

These strips can read albumin concentrations within a range of 20, making them particularly relevant in point-of-care testing for immediate and accurate results.

How do these strips aid in the early detection of kidney disease, especially for patients with diabetes?

These strips aid in the early detection of kidney disease by identifying small quantities of albumin in urine, a crucial indicator, especially for patients with diabetes.

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