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Product information "RSV-Antigen-Rapid Test-RightSign"

RSV Rapid Test Cassette-RightSign

The RSV Rapid Test Cassette from RightSign is an essential tool for rapid detection of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in patients. Designed for medical professionals, this reliable test provides accurate results within 15 minutes, perfect for high-demand healthcare environments.

The RSV Antigen Test Cassette from RightSign is the ideal choice for healthcare providers needing a rapid, reliable RSV testing method. Whether in a pediatric office or a community health center, this test supports immediate diagnosis, facilitating timely treatment and helping to manage the spread of RSV infections. Embodying Odem's dedication to accessible healthcare, the RightSign RSV Antigen Rapid Test Cassette stands out as a valuable asset in medical diagnostics.


Product Specifications

  • Quick Diagnosis: Results are ready in only 15 minutes.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for straightforward operation without the need for laboratory facilities.
  • High Sensitivity and Specificity: Ensures accurate detection of RSV antigens.
  • Regulatory Compliance: CE-certified for professional use across Europe.


  • Efficiency in Patient Care: Enables prompt decision-making and potentially reduces the wait times during peak RSV season.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordably priced without compromising on quality to meet the budgetary constraints of medical establishments.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simple enough for use in a variety of healthcare settings, including pharmacies and clinics.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Assured customer satisfaction with a 14-day return policy

Technical Data

  • Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal swab or nasal swab.
  • Storage Conditions: Room temperature, stable up to 12 months.
  • Packaging: Box contains 20 test cassettes, carton of 500 units.

FAQs about the RSV Rapid Test Cassette - Rapid detection of Respiratory Syncytial Virus - RSV Antigen Test Kit - RightSign

What is RSV and How is it transmitted?

RSV stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus and is a virus that affects the respiratory tract. It is transmitted through droplets, such as when infected individuals cough or sneeze.

How long does it take to get the results of the RightSign RSV Rapid Antigen Test?

The RightSign RSV Rapid Test provides results within 15 minutes, allowing for rapid diagnosis.

How does the RighSign RSV Rapid Test work?

The RighSign RSV Rapid Test is an immunochromatographic test that is capable of detecting RSV antigens in the nasal and throat area. The test is easy to perform and takes only a few minutes. It is recommended to perform the test at the first signs of RSV symptoms.

What do the results of the RighSign RSV Rapid Test mean?

A positive result means that RSV antigens have been detected in your child's nasal and throat area. In this case, you should immediately see a doctor for further testing and begin appropriate treatment. A negative result means that no RSV antigens were found. However, note that a negative result does not exclude the possibility that your child is suffering from an RSV infection.

How does this test differentiate itself from molecular assays for RSV detection?

Unlike molecular tests, the RSV Rapid Test utilizes a rapid chromatographic immunoassay, providing swift results without the need for complex laboratory equipment.

What populations can benefit from this swift RSV test in terms of age groups?

This test is valuable for older adults, older children, and adults, as RSV usually causes mild to severe respiratory symptoms in these demographics.

Can this diagnostic tool be used to detect other respiratory viruses, such as influenza B or COVID-19?

This test is specifically designed for the detection of respiratory syncytial virus and may not be suitable for diagnosing other respiratory viruses.

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