Disposable Kids Face Masks with Animal Designs

Get your kids these adorable Disposable Face Masks with Animal Designs in Ireland. Shop now at Boots Ireland and collect Advantage Card points.

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Product information "Disposable Kids Face Masks with Animal Designs"

Disposable Kids Face Masks with Animal Designs

Upgrade your pediatric care and compliance with Children's Surgical Face Masks with Animal Motifs. Designed for both safety and comfort, each mask is a playful ally against bacteria and contagions, ensuring maximum protection for children.


Product Specifications

  • 3-ply construction for layered defense
  • Elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose clip for a snug, comfortable fit
  • High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of 99%, for enhanced protection
  • CE certified to meet EU quality assurance requirements
  • Single-use for optimal hygiene
  • Pack of 50 masks
  • Available in appealing animal motifs that kids love


  • Engaging animal motifs encourage children to wear masks and associate health protocols with fun
  • The adjustable nose clip ensures a secure fit, reducing the risk of airborne particle ingress
  • 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency provides optimal safety and peace of mind for both medical professionals and parents
  • Disposable nature allows for easy replenishment from a pharmacy product lineup
  • CE Certification assures the product is suitable and safe for use in healthcare environments

Technical Data - Disposable Kids Face Masks with Animal Designs

  • Pack of 50 masks
  • Conforms to DIN EN 14683 TYPE IIR standards
  • CE certified to meet EU quality assurance requirements
  • Each mask is crafted to fit various face sizes of children with an adjustable fit
  • Certified with CE marking, indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental standards within the European Union
  • Disposable mask design for easy and safe handling
  • Suitable for use in medical settings to protect against bacterial transmission

FAQs for Children's Face Masks

How does the medical face mask for kids differ from the one for adults?

The medical mask for kids is usually smaller and fits better on a child's face.

From what age should kids wear a medical face mask?

Children from 6 years old should wear a medical mask when using public transportation, visiting stores, or attending school.

Can an adult medical mask be worn by kids?

An adult medical face mask can theoretically be worn by kids, but it is important that it fits well and is not too loose.

How often should a medical face mask for kids be replaced?

A medical mask for kids should be replaced every 4 hours or when it becomes damp.

Can a medical mask for kids be washed?

No, a medical face mask for kids is typically a disposable product and should be disposed of after use.

Are medical face masks for kids safe?

Yes, medical face masks for kids are safe and meet all necessary standards for use in medical settings.

Can a medical mask for kids make breathing difficult?

A well-fitting medical face mask for kids should not make breathing difficult.

How can I get my child to wear the face mask?

It can help to explain to the child why it is important to wear the mask and make wearing it more enjoyable through games or rewards.

What should I do if my child refuses to wear the face mask?

It is important to explain to the child why it is important to wear the mask. If the child still refuses to wear the mask, alternative options like face shields can be considered.

How does the kids face mask with animal motif meet safety standards?

The kids face mask with animal motif is designed to meet safety standards by providing a comfortable and secure fit. The product is made of breathable material and has adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit. It also features a filtering system that effectively blocks particles and can be easily replaced. The design is also intended to be comfortable and lightweight, making it suitable for extended wear. The product complies with EU health and safety standards and is certified according to EN 14683.

How does Odem ensure the quality of its medical supplies to meet EU standards?

At Odem, we take quality very seriously. Each of our products, including our innovative medical supplies, is rigorously tested to meet the stringent EU standards. They come with CE certifications, ensuring that medical professionals across the EU can trust the reliability and safety of our supplies. We believe in providing healthcare specialists with the tools they need to offer the best care possible, without any compromise.

What makes Odem's medical supplies a cost-effective choice for healthcare providers in the EU?

Our commitment at Odem is to offer affordability without sacrificing quality. We've optimized our manufacturing process and supply chain to reduce costs, allowing us to price our products competitively. This ensures that purchasing managers can allocate their budgets more efficiently, ultimately leading to a more accessible healthcare system for all.

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